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-The Cleaner

Dec. 10, 12

10:40 PM

Dear The Miz,

I really wanted your whole good guy thing to be fun and cool.  But I already, 2 weeks later, have to completely take it back.

Cody and Damien are best friends.  Cody grows a mustache and you make a gay joke.  Damien responds in a socially acceptable way more or less, and you just talk over him in the most sophomoric way possible.

I’m glad Cody is trouncing you verbally.  I hope someone trounces you later.  Perhaps the hair of Damien Sandow’s beard didn’t rub off on Cody Rhodes when you allege they were kissing.  Perhaps when The Rock attacked you at Survivor Series last year, his homophobia rubbed off on you.  Could have been Cena too, I don’t know.  Right now Cena is too busy being condescending to women, but that doesn’t mean you should be picking up his slack.

Also, preemptive “fuck you” to anyone who thinks I’m taking things too seriously.  I’m tired of nonsense like this, especially from people I want to like or have liked in the past.

Also, hey, some people have penises and also like the color pink.  Get the fuck over it, every good guy wrestler.  I mean, except for John Cena when it’s in the name of cancer in conjunction with a awful charity for jerks.


-Garcian, a queer wrestling fan.

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Sep. 17, 12

08:20 PM

So every WWE Title match Cena and Punk have had so far has ended in some sort of controversy.


So there’s really no definitive winner still between them.


that’s a hard trigger to pull.  Like Austin/Rock.  The only real clean win I can remember between them was their last major encounter at WM19, and Austin was on his way out.

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Apr. 03, 12

03:57 PM

I don’t think I need to tell you guys about why I might be not too thrilled about a giant dickhead who has been open an honest about being concerned with money and that doesn’t really have a love for a business coming back at the expense of people who do love the professional wrestling business

And I don’t think I need to tell you how mad I will be if The Rock or Brock beat Punk for his title and how much angrier I will be if it’s Brock just so The Rock can beat him for the WWE title and get him back for summerslam.

I hope we’ll be able to stop blowing the Rock all day, because it seems like that birthday party of his never ended.

Hopefully, Brock can not look so doughy and The Rock can get in Actual Fucking Shape, because then at least I can pretend to be excited when everyone else is excited while pretending those guys have put on countless five star classics even though they were mostly wrestling guys like Kurt Angle or whoever that had great matches without even trying.

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Mar. 14, 12

12:38 AM


That thing with The Rock had to be one of the worst and most problematic things the WWE has ever done since the last time they did something with The Rock.

Also, don’t say you love women when you keep making implications that having female qualities are negative aspects.  You pig.

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Mar. 08, 12

09:06 PM

Things The Rock Could Have Done Instead Of Throwing Things Into The Sea And Schooling Us On American History

Okay, that last one might have been too much to ask.

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Mar. 05, 12

10:18 PM

This The Rock promo is fucking bonkers

One part though, making reference to the women of Boston lining up to give him their Boston Cream Pies.


Have their vaginas already been filled with semen or?

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09:54 PM

See, that was pitch perfect

Shows just how this match means EVERYTHING to Cena and The Rock is all “lol fruity pebbles” about it.

It’s bullshit, and like I said, I hope Cena beats the fuck out of him.

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09:43 PM

Hey, that’s not very nice The Rock

Can you not be such a straight cis man and stop using trans* people and gay people and little people and women to make your point that you do not like John Cena?


-someone who thinks you are terrible.

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Oct. 31, 11

09:08 AM

So this happened today,

Good morning everybody.

So this happened today,

Good morning everybody.

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Sep. 28, 11

11:48 AM


The Rock wrote something very interesting in his official WWE Facebook profile on the upcoming tournament Hell In Cell 2011:5 Days To HELL IN A CELL!Undertaker Return? : P O.o

My favorite dirt sheet, everybody.


The Rock wrote something very interesting in his official WWE Facebook profile on the upcoming tournament Hell In Cell 2011:


Undertaker Return? : P O.o

My favorite dirt sheet, everybody.

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Sep. 16, 11

09:22 PM

“It’s like a cancer in the soul of The Rock. He has never beaten Stone Cold at a WrestleMania"
Jim Ross, Rock/Austin WrestleMania 19 build.
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Aug. 11, 11

03:35 PM

Can Taz act like this again, please?

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Mar. 30, 11

11:15 PM

The reason I wasn’t batting an eye when Rock called people hermaphrodites was because when he was doing it, I was 10

Find a stronger argument, please.

Full article when I finish important things.  Might not be for awhile.

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Mar. 05, 11

01:14 PM

One of my favorite Rock promos.

As soon as it finds focus, it’s there.


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Mar. 01, 11

11:22 AM

It’s a good day.  I hope.

It’s a good day.  I hope.

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