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Mar. 09, 12

01:50 PM

Fair to Flair: Rough Jazz


Go. Read. Once again, F2F gets it right.

(I do have one or two quibbles with the language used, specifically the assumption that everyone reading the article is male and heterosexual - “entertain you people”, “didn’t find her sexy” - but overall, very astute.)

While I do see your point as valid, I would also like to point out how female wrestling fans, and people of variant sexual orientations, judge people based on their external appearance all the time.  Just about everybody does it.  It wasn’t just King in the booth, it was women too.  You can even see it here on Tumblr pretty frequently. 

But I will agree that I should have been more specific about the “didn’t find her sexy” thing, as I was making reference to a specific match type.  I should have said “[bra and panties match] fans”, which, as you said, are typically heterosexual men.  But the “entertain you people” bit I will say would still be relevant today if she refused to take part in booty popping or whatever fun things the Divas do these days.  Especially in the weird current climate we have in WWE wrestling of “being sexy but not sexual”.  

Good discussion points and I thank you for bringing them up!  It’s interesting that you did considering I don’t identify as heterosexual or as a man.  Much appreciated!

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Sep. 23, 11

04:45 PM

Fair to Flair: Mark Henry has finally arrived


After fifteen years of floundering, failure, and general misuse, Mark Henry has found the pair of boots that he was destined to fill all along. He’s the monster.1 He’s the monster because he did what other monsters have only talked about and got rid of the other monsters. He took out Big…

Hey guys. Look what I did!

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Aug. 09, 11

11:10 AM

Left and Leaving


“There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way.” — Christopher Morley

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Get this man a Pepsi.

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May. 07, 11

12:36 PM

Christian: 2nd Rate

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