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Sep. 23, 11

04:45 PM

Fair to Flair: Mark Henry has finally arrived


After fifteen years of floundering, failure, and general misuse, Mark Henry has found the pair of boots that he was destined to fill all along. He’s the monster.1 He’s the monster because he did what other monsters have only talked about and got rid of the other monsters. He took out Big…

Hey guys. Look what I did!

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Nov. 30, 10

09:01 PM

Too much crazy in this.

Did Flair not sleep or is he wearing make up?

No wait, his nails are painted.


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Nov. 28, 10

09:37 PM

Fire Pro

First thing I do is make the NWA World title and then have a match for the vacant belt between Vader and Terry Funk.  2 out or 3 falls.  Vader wins the first fal in 14 with a short arm lariat, than the second one in 7 with a powerbomb.  Terry put up a fight to be sure.

Now Vader is defending against Curry Man.  I would mark everywhere if he won, but it’s not looking good.

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Jun. 18, 10

02:59 AM

6 million dollars.

WCW spent 6 million dollars on this.

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