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-The Cleaner

Oct. 03, 11

11:12 AM


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Feb. 23, 11

06:23 PM

The Funker tells a story about his life on the farm, Raven absolutely murders me with some great puns, and Sandman displays his great laugh.

Had me in tears.

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06:16 PM

Raven and Terry Funk are two very special people.

Two very raw, very complex individuals.  Even when they’re just screaming at each other.

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Jan. 27, 11

07:35 PM

Terry Funk vs CM Punk

Probably already posted this.


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Jan. 17, 11

05:03 PM

“Terry Funk maintains that the key to success for Brody or any superstar is “the ability to work with a broomstick, and Frank learned how [to] do it. Working isn’t choreographing forty bumps in a row that have to follow in that exact sequence. A great worker has to know how to lead and control a match. Frank had that talent naturally.”"
Taken from the book Brody
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Nov. 28, 10

09:37 PM

Fire Pro

First thing I do is make the NWA World title and then have a match for the vacant belt between Vader and Terry Funk.  2 out or 3 falls.  Vader wins the first fal in 14 with a short arm lariat, than the second one in 7 with a powerbomb.  Terry put up a fight to be sure.

Now Vader is defending against Curry Man.  I would mark everywhere if he won, but it’s not looking good.

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Nov. 23, 10

08:05 PM

Bruiser Brody is one of the few guys that I take seriously when they use a whip to the turnbuckle as a stand alone offensive move.

Guy is just vicious.  Watching him and Terry Funk go at it, and it’s nothing fancy as you can imagine.

Which reminds me, I need to get my hands on a Funk fan dvd.

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Nov. 17, 10

12:29 PM

 thesquaredcircle answered your question: Tickets have been got!

I would ask her to put you out with a triangle choke

My Lady already doesn’t like Beth as it is, and while I would totally risk brain damage for my favorite wrestlers, I think it would upset her.

I think I could get away with asking Funk to give me a punch to the face though.

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Oct. 14, 10

07:22 PM

Why didn’t anyone tell me the Funker was going to be in SvR 2011?

Best Legends list ever.  even if Lex Luger will be in it.

Fuck I am excited to be the fuck out of everyone with Terry.  I am going to make a Road Dogg CAW and then hit him with a left hook that knocks his dick stiff.

Also, why is Paul Bearer in it and not Armdragon?

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Jul. 13, 10

08:11 PM

“I don’t need any God damn music"
Terry Funk, before his match with CM Punk at Glory By Honor II
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Apr. 04, 10

02:29 PM

CM Punk vs Terry Funk

This match would have been better if ROH commentary didn’t suck total dick.  One of them, I forget his name, always sounds like Jerry Seinfeld with a sore throat when he calls, they both seem to be play by play, which is boring, and they forgot to sell Punk using Funk’s spinning toe hold the first time.  They did later, but it of course meant less then.

And the commentary is always too loud and too often, which fucks it up for matches with guys like Funk and Punk who talk a lot in the ring and use that talking to get the match over.  Nice match though.  Would have liked more Funk left handed bombs, but, Punk is too cute for that I guess.

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