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-The Cleaner

Dec. 10, 12

10:40 PM

Dear The Miz,

I really wanted your whole good guy thing to be fun and cool.  But I already, 2 weeks later, have to completely take it back.

Cody and Damien are best friends.  Cody grows a mustache and you make a gay joke.  Damien responds in a socially acceptable way more or less, and you just talk over him in the most sophomoric way possible.

I’m glad Cody is trouncing you verbally.  I hope someone trounces you later.  Perhaps the hair of Damien Sandow’s beard didn’t rub off on Cody Rhodes when you allege they were kissing.  Perhaps when The Rock attacked you at Survivor Series last year, his homophobia rubbed off on you.  Could have been Cena too, I don’t know.  Right now Cena is too busy being condescending to women, but that doesn’t mean you should be picking up his slack.

Also, preemptive “fuck you” to anyone who thinks I’m taking things too seriously.  I’m tired of nonsense like this, especially from people I want to like or have liked in the past.

Also, hey, some people have penises and also like the color pink.  Get the fuck over it, every good guy wrestler.  I mean, except for John Cena when it’s in the name of cancer in conjunction with a awful charity for jerks.


-Garcian, a queer wrestling fan.

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Dec. 03, 12

08:48 PM

So, here it is.

We have a fucking TMZ LAST TIME ON REAL WORLD intro

And now lie detectors.

Who is the father of Miz’s baby you guys.

But I’ll take a walrus chant.

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08:44 PM

Just get real mad Punk.

I mean, if you’re going to do you people you might as well do it with some feeling.

Also, babyface Miz approaching.    WWE can you just, like, let things happen naturally, don’t The Ryback or Funk My Momma The Miz.

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08:03 PM

"Mr. Hustle Loyalty And Respect" has to be the worst nickname this side of "The Charismatic Enigma"

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Sep. 19, 12

11:52 AM

Worst: I’d Like Our Moral Code Back, Please

Okay, so the match ends with John Cena throwing CM Punk sideways toward the ropes (very specifically so) with an Attitude Adjustment and covering him for the three. Punk gets his foot on the ropes at two, but the referee (who looks like an extra from The Outsiders) (the movie, I’m not saying he looks like Syxx) doesn’t see it and awards the match to Cena and Sheamus anyway. He didn’t just “not see it”, he saw his error, had it explained to him, then, instead of restarting the match or showing any sort of responsibility or remorse, just walked away going “welp, sorry, you lost”. Cena and Sheamus leave to go hug (or whatever) and Punk gets stuck “whining” about the loss all the way to the back.

I want to see bad guys get defeated in pro wrestling. I don’t want to see them lose unfairly and complain about it.

I feel like I’ve written a Russian novel’s worth of Worst paragraphs about WWE losing its moral code, but stuff like this is just getting tiresome. Good guys can do whatever they want because the fans like them. Bad guys get cheated but shouldn’t complain about it, because they’re bad guys. It doesn’t make sense. Back in the long long ago, that foot-on-the-ropes finish was to either get you excited for a guy you like winning only to have it snatched way by reality (or worse, by a guy who put his foot on the ropes AFTER the three and pretended like the ref missed it, because he’s a scumbag) or to give the guy you like sympathy for a rematch. With this and the Sheamus match from SummerSlam, it’s become a thing for bad guys to complain about, because ONLY PEOPLE YOU BOO CAN FEEL AS THOUGH THEY’VE BEEN WRONGED. Everybody else has to just move on and challenge the guy who cheated them to a MATCH HERE TONIGHT~!!

Fan favorites are the ones who should be generating crowd sympathy. They should be people we want to see win, because they’ve been wronged in some way, or treated badly by someone, or underestimated. They’re Dusty Rhodes, a common man trying to take wrestling’s top prize from rich socialite cheating prick Ric Flair and his gaggle of asshole friends. The way things are set up now, WWE heels are the ones who attempt to generate sympathy, and WWE babyfaces are guys who smile and wave and clap and just destroy everyone. You know why? Because modern wrestling audiences are callous as f**k, and have no interest in living vicariously through a good person … they want to live vicariously through someone who wins all the time and doesn’t think too much. Were you just treated unfairly? WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING ABOUT IT, THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME

It’s a devaluation of class, intelligence and integrity, and a pretty sorrowful example of how WWE has taught its audience to think what WWE does is what’s best. WWE doesn’t play fair, they just win all the time and do whatever they want with whoever they want. Are you complaining about it at all? Shut up, loser!

Brandon Stroud, hitting the nail on the head for The Best And Worst Of RAW 9/17/12
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Apr. 03, 12

03:57 PM

I don’t think I need to tell you guys about why I might be not too thrilled about a giant dickhead who has been open an honest about being concerned with money and that doesn’t really have a love for a business coming back at the expense of people who do love the professional wrestling business

And I don’t think I need to tell you how mad I will be if The Rock or Brock beat Punk for his title and how much angrier I will be if it’s Brock just so The Rock can beat him for the WWE title and get him back for summerslam.

I hope we’ll be able to stop blowing the Rock all day, because it seems like that birthday party of his never ended.

Hopefully, Brock can not look so doughy and The Rock can get in Actual Fucking Shape, because then at least I can pretend to be excited when everyone else is excited while pretending those guys have put on countless five star classics even though they were mostly wrestling guys like Kurt Angle or whoever that had great matches without even trying.

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Mar. 13, 12

12:44 PM

Just now watching RAW, might live blog a bit

Marked like a bitch for Thuganomics.  Marked Apocalyptically for the chain.

Then I got disappointed by him wearing a home team jersey.

And then he brought back the bag of nuts.  Why do you want to tea bag grown men Cena.

Kind of glad wrestlingconfessions isn’t around anymore.  Do people ship Cena and Rock?  This is a real question.  Somebody send me the slash video.

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Jan. 25, 12

05:51 PM

I really wish that scene ended with Cena listening to the sirens

while the “Never Give Up” armband is clearly visible.  Not with Josh showing up and then Cena getting Swagger’s twitching powers.

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Jan. 18, 12

08:56 PM

Dolph Ziggler calling out Cena’s awkward run is magic

Entertaining the idea that he could be defending a championship against Foley is hilarious.

CM Punk shitting it up is not so good.

>why does it matter if Ziggler is hiding behind a woman?  It should be the hiding behind somebody thing that matter, but is it that it’s a woman that is so disgusting to you Punk?

>Who gives a shit about pink shirts, Punk?

>Crossdresser?  Really?  

> Vickie loses points for eating disorder comments.

Thank god for Johnny Ace.  Fuck why am I typing that.  Lay down the law Johnny.

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Jan. 16, 12

10:14 PM

here for the last hour

what happened in the first hour of RAW?  I saw the over the top rope thing and heard Swagger has the belt he was born to wear (finally) but what else?

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Jan. 10, 12

12:36 PM


Watch Brodus get over with this.

Somebody please tell me this is a rib gone wrong.

I wanted philosophical Brodus.  But I’ve wanted one of those chars since Raven left us covered in dirt.

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Jan. 03, 12

12:00 AM

Do not misunderstand

It is because I love Punk and Jericho more than words can say that I want them to stick to what they say and make things interesting again.  I want them to be interesting again.  I know the god tier they can reach, and if they can both just remember that they’re really just a couple of marks that hit it big, they can bring us some great stuff coming into WrestleMania.

Punk rewarded me for my Faith.  Let’s see if the King of the World can do the same again.

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Dec. 26, 11

09:02 PM

Johnny Ace, don’t make me like you.

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Dec. 19, 11

09:11 PM

It’s kindof funny how the US Title really is “the top” for Zack

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Dec. 13, 11

01:23 PM

When I see that Kane’s kick ass return is used to fuel more Attitude Era favoritism


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