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Jul. 08, 11

07:14 PM

If Punk leaves, what’s going to happen to the Nexus?

Let’s find out!

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Apr. 08, 11

10:26 PM

Hey, look, it’s CM Punk’s Nexus.

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Jan. 27, 11

12:30 PM



This is usually the part where I make some argument about Nexus and the Corre not being able to compare to the nWo in the least, but then I remember that if the nWo had Buff Bagwell as a member, it couldn’t have been all that great.



This is usually the part where I make some argument about Nexus and the Corre not being able to compare to the nWo in the least, but then I remember that if the nWo had Buff Bagwell as a member, it couldn’t have been all that great.

(via smarky-smark)

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Jan. 17, 11

11:19 PM

My roommate just came in after watching RAW.

He tells me that was a great match for t.v. and stands up to any ppv he’s seen recently.

The last ppv he saw was a bit of TLC, and before that Wrestlemania.  And that’s it.

He tells me he likes Punk, but not Nexus.

I tell him Husky rules and he can go fuck himself.

He tells me he doesn’t like any organization in wrestling.

I ask him if he is not nWo 4 lyfe.

I make the signs with my hand.

He tells me he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I say that it makes sense for him to not get my references to WCW in 1997

He tells me he watched WCW in 1997.

I go into high gear, flip my chair around three sixty and sit in it backward, facing him.

I explain that you can not have watched WCW in 1997 and not know about the nWo.

Then he says that he does know about the nWo.

I call him out on the FMW stuff earlier.

I explain that even though I was 6, before I went back and rewatched 1997 WCW, I still remembered at least 2 things: nWo and Jericho.

He says he didn’t get the reference because wrestling wasn’t important in his life because of school and soccer.

I try to get him to reason how those things effect his viewing on Monday, Saturday and Thursdays.

He says he doesn’t like wrestling and fades out.

I yell at him through the door about the Wolfpac, Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone.

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Jan. 10, 11

09:15 PM


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04:58 PM


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Jan. 08, 11

07:15 PM

Last Night's Booking Meeting

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Dec. 27, 10

11:28 PM

It seems now at least Nexus are followers. Have a similar thing to Hitler as well.


With Wade they were just random dudes who were with Wade. They still suck, but with Punk, it makes it good.

Punk seems to be the guy that will give them an actual direction.  Wade went on and on about this bigger picture which may not have even existed, but with Punk it could actually be something tangible, and they might actually work towards “changing the face of history” as the song goes.

The wild dogs aren’t led by another wild dog, they’re now led by a Punk.

(Source: hugmebayley)

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Nov. 22, 10

02:05 AM

Thanks for the responses!

 xshineyxdiverx answered your question:More speculation I’ve gathered from browsing the internets

I think any which way, that perhaps doesn’t involve promos of John begging for his job back months from now would look stupid. Eh.

It certainly would, I just put on every idea I heard or had thought of (outside of the obvious ‘he disappears till X’ idea).  Plus it would probably just be another obvious “destroy nexus form the inside” thing.

 justkendra answered your question:More speculation I’ve gathered from browsing the internets

Second option. And then I read on forums that he could be the GM since he only hugged Michael Cole. Makes no sense to me.

While it is odd that he only hugged Cole, it might be a little bit much to assume all that.  And Cena would have to queue up emails or something and…my brain hurts.  It’s just a lot easier to shoe horn Lesner in there.

 danielparkin answered your question:More speculation I’ve gathered from browsing the internets

Definitely think Cena isnt fired, how he comes back will be interesting though, my guess is it will be something ridicuclous like u mentioned

I hope it isn’t too ridiculous.  I thought we were moving away from this serendipitous, cartoon stuff.

 smarky-smark replied to your post:More speculation I’ve gathered from browsing the internets

New theory: ORTON IS NEXUS.


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01:29 AM

More speculation I’ve gathered from browsing the internets

Some theories:

-Cena’s pushing Wade counted as interference, making it a simple suspension.

That’s sort of silly, because it wasn’t really ‘outside’ interference.  And the official’s decision is final, right?

-Wade still has to pull the trigger on the firing thing himself, so really Cena may not be fired until Wade says so

Well, that might hold some water.  Wouldn’t be the first time a heel reneged on something, right?

The downside of it is of course: Wade and Randy will have another boring match.

-Cena re-signs immediately without explanation

-Cena goes rogue Matt Hardy on everybody.

-Cena realizes he can’t live without WWE and begs for Wade to keep him, groveling like a dog.


What do you guys think?

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Nov. 21, 10

10:55 PM

Just like I feared, I’m conflicted.

I don’t know if Cena not compromising himself is more important than giving Wade the belt and experimenting with a new type of Cena.

It was sort of cool, I’ll give them that.  I thought for a minute there Cena was going to have to compromise himself by not calling it down the middle and attacking Orton to save himself, but they didn’t.  

As usual, let’s see where they go with this.  Firing Cena should have a purpose, it should be apart of the bigger picture.  And if they piss on it by having him show up again a month or two later by virtue of some random match stipulation or some other reason, I wont be happy.

What do you guys think?

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10:16 PM

So I just noticed that Cena wear his Nexus armband on his left arm.

The other’s wear it on their right arms.

Just sayin.

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Nov. 17, 10

01:06 AM

FCW 10/29/10

It was a magical day.

Off campus, there were posters on telephone poles.  What was on this poster?  The Irish Curse himself: Sheamus, in all of his ginger glory.

Here’s me with some Divas being awkward and weird:

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Oct. 25, 10

07:58 PM

Okay, got back from the mall

I was in hot topic buying guyliner and I saw 2 different Ultimate Warrior shirts in clearance.  But I decided 11 bucks is still far too much money for me to pretend to like Ultimate Warrior, even ironically.

They also had a Nexus shirt, but I didn’t have 19 dollars to blow.

Luckily, I found a 5 dollar pair of ugly purple/black rap around sunglasses that will suffice for some minor machoman work, but I still wont be able to get the materials together in time.  Still, it’s a start.  Maybe New Years.

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Oct. 20, 10

09:21 PM

I don’t normally do these, but, Osama.

I don’t normally do these, but, Osama.

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