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Nov. 11, 10

05:15 PM

Superstars tonight.

Card looks pretty dank, in that good way.

Has Superstars been good?  How much have I really been missing this whole time, (I’ve never ever watched.  I know.)

Is it like Velocity used to be, just some meaningless matches to hype the crowd with a random Regal/Benoit classic thrown in every once in awhile?

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Jun. 29, 10

12:07 AM

Day 28 - Favorite Rivalry

Well, lets get through the nominees.

Ric/Dusty I never cared for because Dusty always insisted on working his type of match, and it wasn’t nearly as good as Flairs.

CANADIAN VIOLENCE was a great rivalry, but it wasn’t timeless.

Sting/Hogan in WCW was marred by…well…Hogan and WCW.

Steamboat/Flair was a triad….

I don’t like Cena enough to say Cena/Edge

I’d probably have to say Benoit/Angle.  They were fighting on and off for like 4 or 5 years.  It was crazy, they were both so intense, and never had a bad match with each other.  The tragedy is that Benoit never won the big one over Angle, and in my opinion, if he did it would have been that much more meaningful.

Kurt talking about how his medals and WWE title were his family, and Benoit threatening to take it away, intense stuff.

But they just clicked from day one, and it didn’t take the route of USA > Canada, it was just pure competition.

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Jun. 14, 10

08:10 PM

Day 14: Favorite Memory

Sting’s entrance at Starrcade 1997.  One of the greatest things in the history of anything.  So cool, too bad everything after that went totally downhill before Hogan could finish speaking the loudest, worst carny ever.

When the Horsemen temporarily reunited on Nitro thanks to Arn Anderson during a significant absence of the Nature Boy, (which in WCW meant ANY length of time).  I love the segment, and I remember clearly Arn saying “My God, I almost forgot the fourth Horsemen, RIC FLAIR!  GO’N GET ON DOWN HERE” and the roof just coming off the place.  Ric cried, then cut a crazy promo on Easy E.

Randy Orton beating Chris Benoit at SummerSlam 2004, the match was great, Randy was put over in grand fashion, and it was a really emotional moment for everybody, with Benoit offering words of encouragement to one Randy Orton, the new champion who had tears coming down his face.  Benoit picked him up, offered his hand and yelled “Be a man”.  During the shake, he then passed the torch officially and said “You’re a man”, before leaving the ring and letting the young Orton have his moment.  Such a fantastic moment that will never be spoken of for some time to come.  What a shame.

At the risk of sound cliché, the ending of WrestleMania XX is high up there too.

The conclusion to HBK/Fair at WrestleMania XXIV.  But I walk about that moment enough I guess.

Shawn Michaels winning the World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series 2002 in the first ever Elimination Chamber is probably my real favorite memory though.  As you all should remember: I loved HBK.  Michaels was such a long shot it seemed after only just coming back to active work, and especially when he was wearing the ugliest tights in wrestling history (maybe).  But then BOOM, Superkick, new champ.  I posed in my bathroom, I was silently marking in my room lest I embarrass myself in front of my father who wasn’t much for outward emotion, and it was just awesome.  I reenacted it in the Smackdown:Here Comes the Pain game a couple of times too, and Saliva’s song “Always” reminds me of the event everytime.  To this day, it’s the only Saliva song I like.

I was heartbroken, (if you’ll pardon the pun) to see him lose it not a month later.

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